About This Page

About This Page

Written in the Sand is a podcast intended to post every two weeks. What it actually is has become a project that is updated whenever I feel the next installment is ready. It is a presentation of thoughts and an exploration of ideas roughly set upon the foundation of Dune, the series of novels written and published by Frank Herbert from 1965  to 1985 and continued to the present day by his son, Brian. Aside from referencing aspects of plot and particular entities or characters, very little of the actual works will be located in this page or podcast. The concepts contained by these books will be used as a springboard to expand, contextualize, and tie in relevant resources. This is not a Dune fan page as much as it is intended to be a tribute and an outgrowth. It is meant to showcase the mental journey I have gone through as I have read this series amongst other works and pondered those inspirations as I live in and observe the world.

This project was originally conceived as a blog years ago, and has been finally realized in its present incarnation. I have often thought since that I was woefully unprepared to embark upon the project when I first had the idea to do so, and I’m fairly certain that I was entirely justified to believe that. The ability to start this has been available for years but it is only the past few months where I felt confident to actually begin.

Looking back upon the intervening time, I am frequently struck by the number of attempts I have made to summarize these musings. The sensation of  near certainty that I had found The Answer has occurred so often that, with the experience of familiarity, I can happily report that I have not in fact found it; I can state with high probability that I never will. What I have instead found is A Criteria, a constantly morphing path without any sense of fulfillment per se, but with a very real sense of peace. This baseline of judgment — for lack of a better term — has been modified and added to over the years to evolve into an approach to life that I have found reliable, even as it utterly fails to be definitive.

So, here on this website and on this podcast, I am sharing not because I presume that anyone should follow me, but because I simply have to do so. The existence of my outlook is almost completely useless if it only resides within me. Now, that is not to say it does not immensely help me personally, but I have never been worried about my own quest (as I have never been able to stop it, nor seriously wanted to) as much as I have wanted other people to be inspired towards their own. It’s not exactly something that I believe can be taught, but I do think that people can transform a few outside hints and a nudge or two into to their own fulfillment.

This is not about mysticism, nor enlightenment, nor even pragmatism. The podcast is about something else that I can’t codify but that I wish to talk about in the hopes that people may understand. As you read a post, or listen, I’m not expecting you to search for anything specific. Just think about what I’m saying, come up with your own applications and see what comes from that. I welcome you to this site and wish you well on your own journey, join it with mine as you wish and according to your own choice.


Patrick Anthony

November, 2016

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