The Header image is a layered picture. It is composed of modified versions of:

DUNES IN THE SAHARA DESERT © Raylight3 | (used under license)

MILKY WAY PANORAMA by the Eastern Southern Observatory. Licensed under under the Creative Commons by Attribution 4.0 International license.

The podcast logo is a slightly modified image taken from:

Buried In Sand © Cmcderm1 | (used under license). The font is AdineKirnberg-Script by David Rakowsky, a composer who also used to make fonts in the 90’s. I checked his old website and he managed to be self-deprecating even though he writes symphonies. There’s just something a little bit awesome about that.


Intro and outro music for the episodes is taken from:

DHAKA by Kevin Mcleod ( Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0 License

All other outside sources are owned by their respective rights holders and have no direct association with the website or its owners.

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