Written in the Sand Podcast – I See That I Am Blind

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (63.1MB)Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | RSS | More Written in the Sand Dune, Book One, Chapter Three part 1 I see That I Am Blind   Prediction, prophecy, psychic knowledge…These form a central theme to the Dune…

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Written in the Sand Podcast – A Society of Problems 007

This is part two of our look at men and women, the differences and the stereotypes. This episode will add to the foundation we’ve already established and we will get to the point of why this topic needs to be here.

Just to recap, in part one I presented some general stereotypes of both men and women and then took a look at the merits and shortcomings of those stereotypes. To re-emphasize, I want to make clear that such stereotypes are not going to be true for everyone, but they are going to be true for someone.

The dangers of stereotypes is that they create an expectation, sometimes it is one of standards that one must live up to and at other times the expectation that one is no better than the stereotype. These expectations come from outside and also from within. Men setting expectations for other men, women setting expectations for men, men setting them for women, and women setting standards for other women. And last, but not least, we expect them from ourselves.

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Written in the Sand Podcast – Reconcilable Differences 006

As promised, this episode is a bit big. I wanted to make it bigger Truth be told, I’m a little sick of being in Chapter one. Unfortunately, because of time and hosting limits, I had to break the episode up. Sorry. So, one more Episode exists in this chapter.

This was a hard one to write. As I begin, I hope you’ll understand why it took so many delays to get to this one. I’ll be addressing men and women, the differences of the sexes, and I’m going to irritate a lot of people as I go along. I am requesting that you get through the tough parts. I feel this episode has to go through its stages, from beginning to end.

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Written in the Sand Podcast – The Box is Not the Trap 005

What I want to address today is the manipulation of Paul Atreides in the first chapter. It is a very subtle form of manipulation, and my interpretation is somewhat speculative, but it’s Dune, so plans within plans within plans is par for the course. Now, I did mention this manipulation previously with regards to family, but there is another aspect to it that is used more than once. Paul is the son of a Duke. He has rank and his commitment to his role in society, what we call duty, is called into question here.

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Written in the Sand Podcast – A Bit of a Break 004

Hello again and welcome to Written in the Sand. I am Patrick Anthony. It’s going to be a lot shorter than other episodes have been so far, which is actually nice as far as the muscles I use for speech are concerned. Last episode I started to slur words after the umpteenth recording.

Today, we’ll have some news announcements and I’ll be talking about future plans on guiding the course of the cast. This is basically a shop talk episode, with a few cool items mixed in.

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