Resources are links to content relevant to what I’m doing. You can reach them easily through the resources drop down menu. I have divided them by category or episode and there is some crossovers. Links may be sponsored (have to keep the lights on somehow), however, no links are intended to point to irrelevant items included just to generate money. The sponsored links are provided for people in case they are unfamiliar with, or have lost, a particular reference material and want to pick it up.

Episode links are resources that are mentioned in a particular episode, they may be simply asides, or major resources. I include them all just because I want to call attention to them and to satisfy your curiosity on things I mention that you may not know about. Some of the links have resulted from humorous mention, and you can follow them if you want. Their inclusion as “resources” is just to make it funnier.

Major resources are links that are listed as standalone items and lead to things that are heavily used or are a central component of what I’m referencing. They will tend to be books, although other media may be present. These links include a central link page for Dune books themselves. Any link that benefits the site is not required to be followed. They exist to help the site in ways that are non-intrusive. Yes, it costs money to run things, but nothing irritates me more than long segments about postage (podcast followers know what I mean) or 20 banners surrounding a page. As long as there is enough to cut down on overhead, I’m okay. This is something I’m going to do regardless.


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