Dune Chapter One Meta-points

This page is just a brief synopsis of some of the topics discussed in the episodes covering Chapter One of Dune. It doesn’t cover everything, you will still want to listen to the episodes for everything, but feel free to use this as a reminder of which episodes contain which topics.

Episode 2 — Everything has it’s place. This episode went over the concept of environment. Cultural and Temporal environments have a vast influence on our thoughts and how we view the world. The effect range from how we perceive through our physical senses to how well we can fit in. Some people are suited for their environment and some are not. What we view as normal, and what things we consider in our minds are influenced by what is around us. We are not as objective as we would pretend to be.

Episode 3 —  The episode goes over a quick history lesson of the Dune Universe, and proceeds to discuss what being human means. We examined features of humanity and discussed how humans differ from animals and machines.

Episode 5 — The manipulation of Paul Atreides and by extension the techniques of manipulating humans are discussed. The strings that are pulled to lead Paul to the Gom Jabar are strings that get pulled on all of us from time time.

Episode 6 — This episode started to breakdown the differences between men and women. Several stereotypes of each are discussed. It is presented that the mental differences between the sexes are physically based in how hormones affect brain development.

Episode 7 — This is the second half of the previous episode. We divide rituals of entrance into adulthood between the sexes and briefly discuss each ritual. The Gom Jabar  is then discussed with analysis of the different facets of the test and what is being tested. We also dissect the Bene Gesserit and the goal that they are seeking and the methods they use and the reasoning behind them.

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