Written in the Sand Podcast – Everything Has Its Place 002

This episode we’ll be looking at a very small section of Dune chapter one, and that is the opening quotation.

Yes, really.

This is something of a foundation episode. Last episode was to set the stage for the podcast. This one is more about setting the stage for the actual material.

The quote itself opens up with the idea that beginnings are a time for balance and there are certain things I think should be emphasized in the beginning because we don’t know each other.

We can assume quite a number of things with varying degrees of accuracy. I can reasonably predict that we are all human, beyond assumptions like these everything gets a little fuzzy, doesn’t it? It’s because we have different backgrounds we need to go over this.

We need a common baseline, and that requires a certain mode of perspective and that is what this quote is about and therefore what this episode is about.

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