Written in the Sand Podcast – Also Starring… 014

As I stated last episode, we have closed the first three chapters which helped form a foundation and start a framework that the remaining concepts can now build upon. The next few chapters we will be taking a slightly different tact. Simply talking about a particular idea is not always the best approach. Something may be true, but simply stating it makes it a very dry truth. Frank Herbert knew this, so his books do not just dictate simple, dry truths. There are larger concepts in these chapters — which I will discuss — but concepts are useless without people.

These next chapters offer beginning character studies of the people involved, both in the subjects discussed and the personalities present. This is part of the great beauty of Dune, the concepts are displayed in narrative as well as being acted out by archetypal players. By doing this, the ideas are more than abstracts, they become parts of fables and legends which increases their power. So, in addition to discussing conceptual abstracts we will first be discussing the personas of the characters involved. Plus, I am going to borrow Doctor Yueh from Chapter 5 for today’s episode, which will leave me with the task of threading together the discussed concepts of both chapters into the next episode.

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