Written in the Sand Podcast – Let’s Brush Up on Our Anxieties

Written in the Sand

Dune, Book One, Chapter Three part 2(ish)
Let’s Brush Up on Our Anxieties


Bit of a small re-cap episode here. I’m still recovering from the last one, plus it’s a damn holiday again. People and their social obligations. I’m kidding. Happy 4th of July for any Americans listening. Happy Canada Day for the Canadians. Happy second week of July for everyone else.

What do I mean by re-cap, and why isn’t this a mini-sode? Well, I mean I’m going to brush up a few topics because that’s part of this chapter. The loose ends here are expansions and re-enforcements of things we already know, so I’ll just go over them fairly quickly because I want to acknowledge them rather than gloss right past them. There is at least one more episode and possibly two within this chapter, these are the fragments.

continued in podcast…

The relevant book for the episode will always be in resources. If you haven’t picked it up yet, you should.

Looking for the Hannibal Behind the Cannibal: Current Status of Case Research by Aina Gullhaugen, PhD and Jim Nottestad, dr. philos

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In the Hall of the Mountain King by Kevin McCloud (incompetech.com) Composed by Edvard Greig

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